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This module depends on JavaScript.Net Orchard and Orchard Scripting Extensions. It uses many of the latter's features. Please install it first! (And also read that module's docs to see what you can do with it - and through it, with JavaScript).
JavaScript execution goes through the excellent Javascript .NET library.


var hello = "Hello JavaScript!"; 
hello; // The last statement will be the output of the script

// You can instantiate types that were loaded to the script context through the Factory object
var obj = Factory.Create("System.Object", null);
obj.ToString(); // Outputs "System.Object"

// There is an Orchard global variable that you can add fields to. By default it contains a WorkContext field with the Orchard WorkContext and an OrchardServices field with an IOrchardServices instance

// This adds the string "Hello!' to the markup of the layout's Body zone (this will just show up in the html source!).

Version history

  • v1.0 (17.12.2012):

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